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MCAL announces first of its kind “Internet of Thing” training and workshop in India. Our endeavor is to impart skills those are highly in demand and will become Industry’s new big thing in the coming years.

So in this pursuit, we are offering this program which is the result of extensive research as well as high level consulting work done by our team in the past.

This course gives initial practical and strategic understanding of vast world of “Internet of Things“ which has already captured the imagination of all fortune 500 companies. So future belongs to a technology like “Internet of Things” as all research houses have term “Internet of Things” as a game change.

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This course is meant to be an exhaustive introduction to the fascinating world of devices connected to each other through internet – commonly referred to as Internet of Things. Separating the hype and reality, this course is designed to be a common practical meeting point for both – manufacturing industry personnel as end users, as well as IT professionals, who are responsible for delivering innovative IT solutions.

This course introduces various types of devices, common aspects of their construction and various communication methods and protocols used by these devices to communicate with each other. Course also provides basic principles of architecting IoT based solutions and alsoprovides an interesting insight into building intelligent real-time analytics solution, what work in conjunction with these devices and automate various shop floor decisions and reporting.


As a part of ths course, a live demonstration is arranged, which helps participants absorb the concepts better and appreciate the common design patterns involved in an IOT solution. Live demonstration uses e-Alerta, an innovative solution from Kalycito Private Limited to show how simple Energy Meters available in a factory can be used to measure OEE – Overall Equipment Efficiency in real-time. Participants will appreciate how a simple system like this can reduce machine down-times, save electricity and help companies achieve higher productivity.


Intended Audience

Training Benefits


Agenda Day 1

  • Demystify Internet of Things
  • Technology Over view, Evolution, Hype
  • Applications in different industries
  • IOT Building Blocks, HW Form factors, SW elements, Cloud, Analytics
  • Wireless & Connectivity Standards, comparison and fit for use
  • Storage: Local, In-Server, Cloud, comparison and fit for use
  • System Interfaces, Typical Data Flow
  • Overview of Analytics Possibilities, Reporting, Decision Support Systems
  • IOT Solutions specific to day to day usage (few case studies

Agenda Day 2

  • Group Discussions about real business opportunities as seen by participants.

    • Mining & Metallurgy, Petroleum, Chemical, Energy

    • Water- Telecom, Transportation Utilities

    • Home, Automobile, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality & Restaurant, Retail

    • Government to Citizen Services, Smart City, Security & Surveillance etc

  • Business Models in IOT Space

    • Hardware elements, Software as Product, Software As Service

    • System Integration, Solution Provider

    • Managed Services, Build-Own-Operate-Manage-Transfer

  • Suitability of a particular model for a particular opportunity

  • Understanding stake holder needs & evolve/select a suitable business model

  • How to define user requirements & develop a viable, workable value proposition / IOT solution definition

  • Tools & Templates that could be used for developing suitable solution & business model

Agenda Day 3

  • IOT System Architecture overview

  • Hardware

    • Major components

    • Sensors

    • Interfaces

    • Connectivity Protocols

  • Software


    SW elements viz. Device Drivers, Data Connectors, Protocols, Middleware, Apps

  • Storage, Display

  • Analytics & Decision Support Systems

  • Some examples of Integration and Deployment issues one could face

  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Individual De-Brief on learning and IOT way forward

  • Course Feedback from participants

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