Hadoop Jump Start

This course provides a well grounded introduction to Hadoop and its building blocks – HDFS, Map/Reduce, Pig, Hive, HBase, Sqoop and Flume. Anyone with a basic understanding of programming and databases (SQL) can benefit from this course. Prior knowledge of Java is not essential, although it is useful. As part of lab work, students build their own development cluster and implement a wide range of technical use cases.

The environment can be used for further learning and experimentation after the course as well. Students should be able to perform basic tasks on a Hadoop project, based upon their prior background and experience.

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Day 1

    • Introduction to Big Data Analytics
      • What is Big Data? – The 3V Paradigm
      • Limitations of Conventional Technologies
      • Essentials of Distributed Computing
      • Introduction to Hadoop & Its Ecosystem
      • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
    • HDFS Architecture
      • Anatomy of file Read / Write
      • Fault Tolerance in HDFS
      • Setting Up a Hadoop Cluster
    • Setting Up a Hadoop Cluster
      • Exercise : Installing & Configuring Hadoop 2.7.1 Cluster
      • Exercise : Working with HDFS through Shell & Web UI

Day 2

  • Map / Reduce
    • Map Reduce Concepts
    • Map Reduce Job Execution LifeCycle
    • Exercise : Running a Map/ Reduce Job – Word Count
    • Example Map/Reduce API Overview
    • Exercise : Using EcListItempse to build Map/Reduce AppListItemcations
    • Exercise : Deploying Map/Reduce Jobs on Cluster
    • Advanced Map/Reduce Examples

Day 3

  • Pig
    • Pig Introduction & Basic Concepts
    • Pig / Latin Language Overview
    • Exercises : Analyzing Stock Market Data using Pig/Latin
    • Exercises : Working With Complex Data Types
    • Hive Basics & Architecture
    • Hive Query Language . Exercise – Working with Hive
    • Exercise: Analyzing weather data using Hive QL

Day 4

  • Advanced Hive

    • Hive Formats & SerDes

    • Exercise: Working with ORC, XML & RegEx SerDes

    • Exercise: Optimizing Hive Queries using Partitions & Clusters

    • Overview of Hive Functions

    • Exercise : Creating User Defined functions(UDF)

    • Introduction to Hbase

  • Need for Low Latency Queries

    • Introduction to Hbase & NoSQL

    • Database

  • Hbase Data Model & Architecture

    • Exercise : Working with Hbase Shell

    • Role of Zookeeper

Day 5

  • Sqoop

    • Using Sqoop to Extract data from MySQL

    • Exercises: Loading Data in HDFS, Hive & Hbase in Various formats

    • Flume

  • Flume Architecture & Data Model

    • Configuring Flume Agents to build custom data flows

    • Exercise: Ingesting Sensor Data into HDFS

    • Exercise: Aggregating Weblogs into HDFS

    • Building An End to End Hadoop AppListItemcation

  • Exercise: Running HQL Queries through a JDBC Client

    • Exercise: Reading and Writing to Hbase

    • Exercise: HiveBase Integration

    • Exercise: Displaying the results on a Dashboard

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