The BA Essentials to be Focusing on Right Now

There is no doubt that these are challenging times and a lot of people in our community are facing hardships right now. But there is also an immense amount of opportunity. Organizations need business analysts now more than ever.

A few key points:

Organizations need business analysts now more than ever.

It might not seem this way – your employer might be asking you to do something that doesn’t look like BA work on the surface, but your business analyst skills are still needed.

-While we are all in this together, and we’re going to get through this together. Each of our individual experiences is different. The challenges raised by our community reflected this.

-Challenges that we’ll be addressing in the upcoming video series include working from home, managing your time/energy, and looking for new job opportunities.

-Many challenges like how to switch to a business analyst role, how to add value right now, and what skills will be relevant coming out of the -COVID-19 world are addressed in the Quick Start to Success workshop.

On the skills, 80-90% of the skills that are ESSENTIAL to being successful as a business analyst will be the same foundational skills. And we cover what those are in this free workshop.

It’s so critically important to our collective mindset right now to understand the above point. Yes, this is an uncertain time. And yes the context in which we work might be changing. But the foundational BA skills you need to succeed are the same. Again, we cover those in the Quick Start to Success workshop.

When we lose our bearings in our foundations, the uncertainty creates fear. Then instead of leaning into the challenges to create opportunities, we retract.

Now is the time to lean into your BA skillset.

What to do next:

The “Master Business Analysis Training” is our flagship business analyst course. We have trained 1000s of professionals on the business analysis processes, concepts, tools, techniques, best practices, business analyst certification, and software tools via this program. Through active feedback collected from individuals & corporates, we have perfected this business analyst course via numerous updates and revisions to deliver the best possible results for individuals or corporates.

We conduct a classroom for this business analyst course in Pune and Mumbai, else you can join our live online business analyst course from anywhere. We have trained professionals from the United States, UAE – Dubai, Australia, United Kingdom, and many major cities from India through our online business analyst course. You can send your interest by registering for the. Online Classroom Master BA Training.

We build our profession one business analyst at a time, and success starts with you.

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